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About Sweet Puppy Lov
We have had the pleasure of breeding Yorkshire Terriers for the past 24 years.  Our very first little girl was such a pleasure and so sweet we wanted to try to see about having puppy's of our own.  Well 24 years later we are still in love with them and love the baby's that our little girls have.  It is once or twice a year we are blessed with the mommy's giving us the gift of baby Yorkie's.  They are raised in our home.  We monitor them very closely just to make sure these little ones have a good head start.   They are loved from the moment they take their first breath.  We will have them wormed, and given their first set of shots.  Our vet checks them over completely before they go to their new homes.  We do encourage the new owners to take them to their vet's to have them checked and establish a routine with a your veterinarian .  It is very important to us that they go to homes where the love continues for the rest of the Yorkie's life.  
Please feel free to explore the website.  If you have questions send us a email or give us a call.
Our mommies are right around 5-6 lbs.  They can have between 2 and 5 little puppy's.   It is always a exciting time when the puppy's arrive.  They are weighed and made sure they are getting their mommy's milk right away.  We monitor them and when we aren't there we have cameras set up so we can see them wherever we are.  Making sure they are healthy and well socialized is very important to us.  It is so much fun to see their little personalities develop.  Once their eyes open and they start discovering this new world, it is a new adventure every day.  It is amazing how quickly they learn where they eat and sleep and potty.  They will not come trained, but will have a head start! 
When we have puppy's I will keep this website updated once a week.
I will have a video of the puppy's on the Home page, and also still pictures of them on the Nursery page.  We start taking deposits when they arrive but they aren't picked out until 4 weeks old.  Posting pictures of the Yorkie baby's helps the new owners watch them grow.